Water Pollution Control Plant Master Plan

The City of Sunnyvale and its consultants have completed the City of Sunnyvale Water Pollution Control Plant Master Plan. The Master Plan is supported by many previous studies, technical analysis, and public outreach. Use the links below to view technical memorandum (TM), design standards, and other documents covering the following topics: master planning, site planning, program implementation, basis of design, design standards, the Programmatic Environmental Impact Report, and additional supporting documents. To view the Master Plan, use the links below.

The Master Plan includes long-term improvements to all of the Plant’s major process areas, all of which will be included in the Sunnyvale Cleanwater Program. These improvements are necessary to upgrade the existing facilities at the Plant in order to meet all environmental and regulatory requirements.

Master Planning

Site Planning

Program Implementation

Basis of Design Report

Programmatic Environmental Impact Report (PEIR)

Design Standards

Additional Supporting Documents