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We’re Renewing Our Wastewater Plant. Follow Our Progress

For over 60 years, Sunnyvale’s Water Pollution Control Plant has performed admirably 24/7 to support Sunnyvale residents. But now, some of the Plant’s components are reaching the end of their useful life.

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What the Program Will Do

  1. Minimize capital and operational costs for rate payers by selecting the best and most cost-efficient technologies that meet our needs.
  2. Meet current and future regulatory standards for air and water quality, and treatment bi-products like biosolids.
  3. Provide a more reliable power supply through renewable energy produced by the Plant.

Wastewater Facts and Figures

  • The Plant serves a population of 148,000 people in Sunnyvale, Rancho Rinconada and Moffett Field.
  • The Plant occupies 16.6 acres at 1444 Borregas Ave. and maintains an additional 440 acres of oxidation ponds.
  • The Plant has been in continuous, 24/7 operation since 1956.
  • It is one of the oldest treatment plants on the west coast.