Program Environmental Impact Report

The City of Sunnyvale has prepared a Program Environmental Impact Report (Program EIR) that analyzed the potential environmental impacts from the Sunnyvale Cleanwater Program’s proposed improvements, pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The Draft Program EIR evaluated the potential environmental impacts of the Santa Clara Valley Water District acquiring purified water from the Plant and using it to supplement future water supplies. The Final Program EIR has been prepared to accompany the Draft Program EIR. The Final Program EIR responds to the comments on, and makes revisions to, the Draft Program EIR. The purpose of a Program EIR is to provide public agencies and the public with detailed information about the effects and cumulative impacts which a series of proposed activities are likely to have on the environment. Beyond identifying environmental impacts, a Program EIR also identifies ways to mitigate those impacts. The Program EIR process provides for technical study of a variety of environmental issues, as well as public input and participation.

The Program Environmental Impact Report is available at the following locations as defined above:

The graphic below spells out the CEQA process.