Project 1.1.1 – Headworks and Primary Treatment Facility Package 1

final grading work for Package 1 Construction
final grading work for Package 1 Construction

Crews import soil and complete final grading work for Package 1 Construction

Package 1 construction for the Headworks and Primary Treatment Facility has reached substantial completion! This is the first major project to upgrade the Sunnyvale Water Pollution Control Plant (Plant). Site preparation work for Package 1 including the following activities:

  • Demolition of the existing sludge dewatering tile beds and several small structures at the Plant.
  • Installation of new pipelines to route stormwater through the Plant and out to the Bay.
  • Placement of approximately 110,000 cubic yards of soil across the site to consolidate the existing ground and enable it to support the buildings that will be constructed during Package 2.

Once the new Primary Treatment Facilities are in operation, the existing primary treatment facilities can be decommissioned to allow for future site upgrades at the Plant. The Headworks and Primary Treatment Facility–Package 2, which will start following the consolidation of the newly placed import material, includes the construction of new headworks and primary treatment facilities including a new switchgear building and standby generator, ancillary facilities and lighting at the Plant. This work is part of the Sunnyvale Cleanwater Program to replace existing and aging facilities at the Plant and is anticipated to be completed in 2020.

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