Construction Package Awarded for Caribbean Drive Project

The CWP is excited to announce we have awarded Redgwick Construction Co. a contract for our Caribbean Drive Parking and Trail Access Enhancements Project. The project will create a new public access point and parking along Caribbean Drive, which will improve pedestrian and bicycle safety and access. It will also make additional space surrounding the Plant available for renovation work, so the Plant can continue providing reliable wastewater treatment services for decades to come.

We received nine contractor bids for a package that included:

  • Fencing off Carl Road west of Borregas Avenue from the Bay Trail trailhead.
  • Increasing the amount of parking spaces in the area on Caribbean Drive to replace parking currently located on Carl Road (including ADA accessible spaces).
  • Creating attractive streetscapes to enhance the surrounding area, including grant-funded bioretention planters filled with native species to clean and treat stormwater.
  • Installing a multi-use path that separates cyclists and pedestrians from traffic.

We are anticipating work on this contract starting in February with completion in summer 2020.

The Bay Trail is a popular destination with cyclists.

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