Construction is underway for Package 2 for Headworks and Primary Treatment Facility

Work is underway for the Headworks and Primary Treatment Facility at the Water Pollution Control Plant (Plant). The contractor recently completed native planting for habitat mitigation to the north of the Plant near the Bay Trail as part of this project. The contractor has begun to install a portion of the primary effluent pipeline along the northern edge of the Project site. Next, the contractor will relocate soil material on the site for future use. The crews will also install shoring and complete excavation work for the pump station facility, which will move wastewater to the primary sedimentation basins and is the deepest structure for this project. This is all part of the site preparation work for building the treatment facility for this project.

The Headworks and Primary Treatment Facility – Package 2 includes the construction of the new headworks and the primary treatment facilities including a new switchgear building and standby generator, ancillary facilities and lighting at the Plant. This project was awarded to C. Overaa & Co. for just over $100M in May 2017 making it the largest Capital project in Sunnyvale’s history. Work for Package 2 is expected to be complete by 2020. This project is part of the Sunnyvale Cleanwater Program to replace existing and aging facilities at the Plant. Additional information on this project and the Cleanwater Program can be found at

habitat mitigation

Planting activities in the habitat mitigation area on the Project site.

effluent pipeline

Crews prepare to install a portion of the primary effluent pipeline at the project site.

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