2020 Milestones Featured in Sustainable Sunnyvale

The year is off to a great start for the Cleanwater Program. There are several milestones we are looking forward to achieving in 2020 that were featured in the February Sustainable Sunnyvale Newsletter.

  • This spring we will host an open house to provide information about a dozen business opportunities in 2021-2023.
  • In the summer our contract for the Caribbean Drive Parking and Trail Access Enhancements Project will be complete. This project will increase parking to the San Francisco Bay Trail. It will create a new public access point and parking along Caribbean Drive.
  • By fall/winter we expect the construction of the new headworks and the primary treatment facilities will be substantially complete. 

The Cleanwater Program will continue to provide project and program information through the Sustainable Sunnyvale newsletter so make sure to sign-up for updates!

Ongoing Site Work:This tank will hold wastewater when it first flows into the treatment plant

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