About the Existing Plant

The Sunnyvale Water Pollution Control Plant is an advanced wastewater treatment facility serving residents, businesses and industries in the city of Sunnyvale.

Wastewater draining from indoor sources in Sunnyvale flows through sewer pipes that direct the wastewater to the Water Pollution Control Plant for treatment before being discharged to the San Francisco Bay. If left untreated before discharge, residential, commercial and industrial wastewater would upset the delicate ecosystem of southern San Francisco Bay.

In addition to wastewater treatment, services include regulatory permitting and inspections of pretreatment facilities and storm water management for business and industry in Sunnyvale, information on water pollution prevention and environmental education services to schools and youth.

Funded by user fees, the mission of the Water Pollution Control Plant is to conduct a cost-effective wastewater management program that is environmentally sound and regulated to protect public health, safety, property, and quality of the Bay.

Originally constructed in 1956, the plant utilizes primary, secondary and tertiary treatment processes to treat the wastewater.

Who Does the Work?

Digester Three

Plant staff preparing for maintenance on Digester Three

Power Generation Facility

Maintenance staff performing routine system checks in the Power Generation Facility

Some 60 talented friends and neighbors keep the Plant humming and ensure the quality of its work. Plant operators operate 24 hours a day, continually monitoring all processes. Maintenance mechanics ensure equipment dependability and keep it efficient. Pretreatment inspectors work with businesses and industries to help them meet City discharge requirements, sampling to make sure certain pollutants have been removed. Laboratory chemists analyze samples all through the treatment process. Support Services staff provides just that to plant workers and provides reports to meet regulatory requirements.