The Sunnyvale Cleanwater Program is underway and moving forward with several critical projects to upgrade the Sunnyvale Water Pollution Control Plant (Plant). This page is a resource for learning more information about the projects and accessing related documents.

Project 8.1 – Caribbean Drive Parking and Trail Access Enhancements

Status: In Design

Through this project, access to the San Francisco Bay Trail will be relocated in order to accommodate the proposed improvements to the Plant, maintain public safety and ensure site security. As part of this process, Carl Road will be closed to public access west of Borregas Avenue and recreationists would instead access the Bay Trail and other neighboring trails using an enhanced access point along Caribbean Drive at the West Channel.

For more information on this project, please click here.

Project 2.1 – Existing Plant Rehabilitation

Status: In Design

The City of Sunnyvale has made several assessments of the Plant and has determined that due to the age of the facilities many of them need to be rehabilitated or replaced to maintain permit compliance and Plant reliability. Rehabilitation of the Plant facilities is needed now so that they remain functional until Stage 2 of the secondary treatment facilities are complete or through 2035. Improvements are recommended for the following key Plant facilities:

  • Oxidation Pond System
  • Chlorination System
  • Fixed Growth Reactor – Air Flotation Tank Systems
  • Tertiary Dual Media Filters
  • Chlorine Contact Area

This project will also involve optimization of the pond system, relocation of existing utilities and the construction of the new western portion of the perimeter Plant wall.

The City has awarded the contract for the Existing Plant Rehabilitation contract and conceptual design is under way. The design consultant is working towards their first major milestone for the Project, the Conceptual Design Report, which will be a critical component of the City’s WIFIA funding application.

Project 1.1.1 – Headworks and Primary Treatment Facility Package 1

Status: Complete (Substantial Completion Achieved 10/25/17)

Construction work has been completed on Package 1 – Site Preparation for the Primary Treatment Facility, the first major project to upgrade the Plant. This project prepared the site location for a new primary treatment facility, which is the first treatment step for the wastewater entering the Plant. The buildings and equipment that replace existing, aging primary treatment facilities will be constructed under Package 2.

Crews have demolished the existing sludge dewatering tile beds and several small structures at the Plant. Concrete and asphalt from demolition was hauled offsite for reuse or disposal. The contractor has placed approximately 100,000 cubic yards of soil across the site to compact the existing ground and enable it to support the buildings that will be constructed during Package 2. The contractor is currently working on removing excess soil from the site in order to clean up the site for Package 2 construction activities. This excess soil can be reused at the Plant and on other construction projects in the Bay Area. and on other construction projects in the Bay Area.

Work for Package 1 reached substantial completion in October 2017 and construction for Package 2 began in December 2017.

final grading work for Package 1 Construction
final grading work for Package 1 Construction

Crews imported soil and completed final grading work to prepare for Package 2 Construction

Project 1.1.2 – Headworks and Primary Treatment Facility Package 2

Status: Under Construction

The Headworks and Primary Treatment Facility–Package 2 includes the construction of the new headworks and the primary treatment facilities including a new switchgear building and standby generator, ancillary facilities and Lighting at the Sunnyvale Water Pollution Control Plant (Plant). Package 2 construction will also include the construction of the first phase of a flood wall that will ultimately surround and protect the Plant from future flood events along with Habitat Mitigation to the north of the Plant.

Construction of the Primary Treatment Facilities is well under way.  Highlights if facilities under construction and/or near completion include the following:

  • 66” RCP Influent Pipe Installation at the Screenings Facility is underway.
  • 12kV Main Switchgear Installation and Generator Equipment slab construction is underway. 
  • Excavation work and construction of the new Influent Junction Box (IJB) is underway.
  • Screening/Influent Pump Station structural concrete placement is complete and shoring has been removed.
  • Primary Sedimentation Tank structural concrete is completed and hydrostatic leak test is underway.
  • Grit Basin structural concrete is near complete and the roof deck construction is underway.

The Package 2 contractor will continue with construction of the new Headworks and Primary Treatment Facilities through 2019, with the bulk of the startup and commissioning activities beginning in Q1 of 2020.

final grading work for Package 1 Construction

Ongoing Package 2 Earthwork

final grading work for Package 1 Construction

Package 2 Habitat Mitigation Area with Plants

final grading work for Package 1 Construction

Ongoing Primary Effluent Pipeline Installation Along
Northern Edge of Package 2 Project Site

Ongoing Package 2 Site Work - Shoring of Influent Pump Station

Ongoing Package 2 Site Work
Shoring of Influent Pump Station

Ongoing Package 2 Site Work
Concrete walls are going up for the seven structures 
in the primary treatment facility

Ongoing Package 2 Site Work
This tank will hold wastewater when it first flows 
into the treatment plant

Projects 2.2, 2.6, 4.1, 4.2, 8.4 – Secondary Treatment and Dewatering Project

Status: In Design

The purpose of the Secondary Treatment and Dewatering Project is to improve various components of this treatment process to meet future requirements. The current secondary treatment process at the Plant cannot meet expected future, stringent nitrogen limits. This project will build conventional activated sludge facilities, which will be the main method to provide secondary treatment. The existing ponds, air flotation tanks, and fixed growth reactors will remain in service to augment the new facilities during periods of high flow.

Once new secondary treatment facilities are constructed, a thickening and dewatering facility will be needed to handle the additional biosolids generated. Solids-handling equipment will be housed in a new building and the ventilated air will be treated by an odor control system prior to discharge to the atmosphere.

This project will also involve new support facilities, including demolishing the existing Administration Building, constructing a new Maintenance Building with shops and storage on the same site and then demolishing the old Maintenance Building.

Project 8.3 – Administration and Laboratory Building

Status: In Design

The new Administration and Laboratory Building, to be located at the southwestern edge of the WPCP between Carl Road and Recycle Hill, will replace the functionality of the existing Administration Building, Laboratory/Control Building, and Compliance Inspection Building. It will house administration, outreach, operations, and laboratory and compliance inspection functions.

The major project elements include site preparation (including the removal of landfill material at the building site along with design of the subsurface gas barrier, collection and venting system), an approximately 22,000 square foot, two-story building, permanent and temporary utility relocations, landscaping, vehicle access, and parking stalls. The Administration building will be designed to meet U.S. Green Building Council LEED Gold rating requirements.